Get ALL Emoji [Shrug, Heart, Laughing, Eyes, Sad, Kiss, Thinking, Crying, Love]

Hey there, so you are a person from current generation that talk and pass on conversations with people around and living far away, yeah? I understand. The internet has just fastened our lives and has made things easier, especially when it comes to communication. It’s not just communication that you do with a person but you, in fact, express yourself.

The internet has provided us with a great way to talk, actually chat with a person living near or close by or far far away through various modes or portals or applications. The different applications to chat or communicate that people are using these days includes Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Hike, Snapchat, and many more. The world has become a really small place thru this way. Any message, anywhere, you can just send in less than a second.

What really amazing of this online chatting mode is that you can actually make your conversations like face to face? Yes, you can just simply show your expressions by expressing them by just using some Emoji that are available! And, trust me; they are in huge numbers now. Yeah, every single chatting application or website comes with a number of types of Emoji. These Emoji can be used to express any sort of emotion you want to make and to make a conversation more impactful and to add a sense of emotions to the conversation. Isn’t it great? I think it is. Indeed!

The various types of Emoji that we use more frequently now days are while chit chatting is been described here. Please have a look:

🤷Shrug Emoji

Remember the time you were talking to someone and could not actually answer to their query or may be the time you actually could not understand what they are talking about. Well, what you actually did then? I tell you, you shrugged! Yeah, you just raised your shoulders to express any doubt or ignorance or might be to show indifference that you have in your opinion.

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Well, Shrug Emoji is the one that you use in such situations while chatting to another person. You have been given this Emoji to express yourself in a conversation to let the other person or number of persons in a group to know that you have a doubt or you ignore or to express indifference in opinions. Isn’t it great? Yeah! But you know what even more great is the Emoji are available for both males and females showing their respective symbol in colorful manner. They look great when use.

Shrug Emoji is available to use at Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and at Instagram as well. Every application has their own version of Emoji but they have them when accessed correctly. These Emoji comes in various images and look differ somewhat in different applications but carries the same meaning. That is what the beauty of Emoji. Shrug Emoji is the one used so often by people now days.

💗Heart Emoji

Well, if you chat regularly and come across fancy messages, do I really need to explain this one Emoji? I know what you would say, but I will still make an effort to make you understand what heart Emoji is. They are beautiful heart shaped small icons or symbols comes in small size or can be made bigger in a few applications by expanding them.

They, obviously, indicates love. Love for a person or to an event or to a situation or may be a thing. The love can be for anything or anyone. And, maybe that is why heart Emoji comes in different colors too, like in Whatsapp or Instagram. As we know, yellow rose express friendship, maybe that is why we have yellow heart?

Well, that is true as well. Similarly, we have Red heart Emoji, for you know who. And so blue, black, green, pink colored heart Emoji too. These different colored hearts Emoji are for different situations and for individuals. I would say, use them wisely too. They are very beautiful and lovely looking emojis. Also, you also have sparkling heart emojis for a party shine to your heart or for a star you love.

Heart Emoji are variedly available in every chatting application, be it Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram, having similar meaning everywhere and are used very frequently, as you know the world is full of people in love! Heart Emoji is an absolute necessity then.

🤣Laughing Emoji

When something funny happens or somebody tickles you, what do you do? You laugh, no? That is what this Emoji is for. You use laughing Emoji when you feel like laughing or when you want to show extreme happiness. There is various kind of laughing Emoji that show different laughing moments when you look at them and hence use for various moments to show your reaction to some talks or situations.

To be honest, these are my very favorite Emoji because when you get nothing to respond at, you laugh and hence these Emojis are there to use. The meaning of laughing Emoji is changing when you use different laughing emojis that are available in the different chatting application like Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram.

There are laughing Emojis with tears coming out of eyes, you definitely can understand when these Emoji has to be used and what is their purpose. Similarly, there are different laughing Emoji indicating various ways of laughs and can be used accordingly. This laughing emojis add a lot of fun in the conversations and make them lively.

People use laughing Emoji very frequently at all these applications Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram and let people understand your reaction or respond to a joke or situation or anything that you are talking about. Isn’t it great? Well, they are must needed emojis since in life all we need is some fun and happiness. And, as you know laughter is the best medicine one can have.

👻Snapchat Emoji

Snapchat is very interesting application is terms of connecting with people you know and also you don’t know in few cases. It is an application in which you post a number of pictures from current situations you are around and post them immediately to Snapchat to let people know where you are and what you are up to. People are allowed to respond within 24 hours because Snapchat allows a post to stay only for 24 hours until you post it again.

There are different kinds of emojis that are present in Snapchat called Snapchat Emoji. One of them is GOLD Star Emoji which appears when someone replays your posts or snaps. It will make you understand that someone liked it too since they replayed it. Hope you get what I mean by that.

Then there is Yellow heart Emoji, this emoji indicates that you the person against which yellow heart appears is #1 best friend of yours because probably you share most of your snap with him or her.

Red Heart emoji indicates straight 2 week continuous connections thru snaps and hence are #1BFs. Then, when it extends to 2 months this shows your commitment to the person and hence a Pink emoji will appear.

A baby emoji is the indication that you just get befriended with a person.

A Trophy is also there, which is given as a recognition of achievement and is a beautiful gold cup with some engraving at the bottom detailing about the achievement.

Grimacing Face, Yellow Heart, Hourglass Done, Two hearts, smirking face, Smiling faces with sunglasses, Glowing star, Red heart, Hundred Points, Keys, Smiling faces with smiling eyes are few other emojis of expressions that are available at Snapchat which have some meaning as their names and are used accordingly depending upon the situation.

👀Eyes Emoji

Eyes emoji are sometimes used to show different emotions by putting given eyes emojis. There are pervy eyes emoji to give an approval to an attractive picture that someone is posted or shifty eyes that might convey a deceitful act. One very commonly present eyes emoji is a pair of eyes glancing slightly left on many places and is used in the various chatting application like Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Every emoji has eyes in them if they showing faces and also have different eye expression indicating various expressions. These eye emoji are therefore used for purposes depending upon the situation and conversation pattern. There uses vary person to person and from situation to situation.

Choosing a right eye emoji is an art and makes conversation as you want them to be. Almost every application has eyes emojis like a pair of eyes, face with pleading eyes, face with rolling eyes, star-struck, kissing face with smiling eyes, smiling face with heart eyes, beaming face with smiling eyes, kissing face with closed eyes, kissing cat face, grinning cat face with smiling eyes, winking face with tongue and etc.

🔥Fire Emoji

This is one another emoji present in almost all the online chatting application. This emoji is basically a small red flame shaped figure which is a sign of fire and hence is called fire emoji. But this is also known as Flame, Hot, lit, or snapstreak.

This emoji can also be used in the reference of something or someone who you think is hot i.e. Lit (a slang).

At Snapchat, the meaning of fire emoji is actually snap streak which means back and forth snapping with someone in a number of consecutive days. Every mobile phone or online chatting application (Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram) provides fire emoji in their collection of emoji with a little difference in color and shape of the flame.

😊Smiley Face

One of the most frequently used emoji is smiley face emoji. Earlier, even emoji were used to called smiley by many people. This is simple face with a beautiful smile that indicates happy face and is also called happy face or grinning face or just a smiley. There are a number of versions of a smiley face that indicates different kinds of smiles on a person’s face like a simple beautiful smile, or a smile with a blush which is indicated by a bit reddish cheeks, smiles with satisfaction along, smiley with softness and sweetness along.

Smiley faces are definitely must needed in almost all the conversations that we make and is therefore mostly and frequently used in all the online chatting applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram.

😍Heart Eyes Emoji

This is one my very favorite emoji and I am sure that many of you also love using this emoji. No? I know because it is a really one lovely emoji which means utter happiness and a whole different glow in eyes. These heart eyes emoji shows loves towards a situation or a picture or someone or something and is used for that purpose by all of us in all these chatting applications. This is one of those emoji that brings a sense of satisfaction in the conversation and usually used to express the extent of love towards a person or anything that you are talking about. This is a laughing emoji as well which is in utter love in eyes. This is available in all the cell phones and applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram and carries similar meaning everywhere.

😭Crying Emoji

Like any other emoji be it laughing emoji or smiling or any other emotion there is one emoji that is also required. It is Crying emoji. Crying is an emotion that we all go thru in different phases in life and is actually meant for sadness or when you upset about something and that’s when you show such emotion. While chatting there comes the situation when you express such emotion and them we use these crying emojis.

While chatting, there are a number of crying emojis that show the different level of sadness or how much upset you are. Different emojis include tears flowing out of eyes, crying loud emoji, crying along with too much sad face and there are few faces with little tears and sad faces.

Although these are emojis are actually meant for such emotions when they are used for varied expressions may be to persuade someone for something or to show your interest in something but you are not able to get it. It is used for different situations by people in these online chatting applications Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat, and Instagram.

🤔Thinking Emoji

There are few newly added emojis and thinking emoji is one of them. When you are thinking about someone or something that you do? You think with your one hand holding your face and that’s from where this emoji came. This is face with one hand on face looking quite in an upward direction and showing some thought process that is going on. Isn’t it great having all these small emojis with us? It is amazing!

This emoji is also present in most of the chatting application and make your sentiments more clear to persons you talk with.

💩Poop Emoji

It is a pile of poo in a shape of soft serve scoop of ice cream in a brown color emoji with eyes and a friendly smile along. This is a strange kind of emoji but people use it at various times and they know very well when to use it!

This emoji is actually also used to make someone laugh and is active as a filler for a lull in the conversation. This emoji has originally come from a Japanese thought which means good luck or a lucky charm. Can anyone think of it in that way? Well, but it is true. Yep!

Thumbs Up

What you do when someone go for an exam? Or when someone do something big and great? Or what do you do to encourage someone’s spirit? Well, you wish them good luck and also give a pat on their backs! No? Yeah. And you also show them your thumb in a positive manner and show them your support.

Well, thumbs ups emoji also carry the exact same meaning and is used for such purposes only. This is also one very frequently used emoji and that is why people is making it a habit of showing their thumbs in terms of some agreement as well. I would suggest you all to use it wisely and for the right purpose, sending just a thumbs up emoji all the time reduces its value and hence your expression too.

It is indeed an important emoji. Use it wisely. It is available in all the online chapping applications (Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram) and is provided by all the cell phone companies in their phone collection of emoji like other emojis.

There are reversed thumbs up Emoji actually, it is thumbs down emoji. It indicates disapproval towards a situation or anything.

👉Finger Emoji

Now, as we have discussed a number of types of emoji, there comes finger emoji. It is very simple to understand what finger emoji actually meant for. Since we use our fingers to show a number of expressions like one or up with just one finger, or victory by making a V using two fingers, or show our disgust or shove it up your which is rude and an insulting kind of expression by raising the forefinger. There are such various expressions that we can make by using these finger emoji while chatting at Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram. And these are really useful as well.

Hands with fingers splayed indicate either all the five fingers or can be taken as a waving hand as well, or as a Hi 5! It depends upon the context in which it is being used.

Cross finger emoji in which middle finger is crossed across index finger which is commonly used as a gesture like crossed fingers.

Then there are victory sign emoji and party or rock sign emoji present when you look at various finger emojis.

👏Clap Emoji

Clapping hands emoji is to show when you feel like clapping and is made for such moments. Multiple times use of this emoji meaning is a huge round of applause to the situation or a person against which clap emoji is being used.

This emoji is also available at all the online chatting application Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram and used for the same purpose everywhere.

In Whatsapp, a feature has been added in which different skin tones are available depending upon the person’s skin color (like light skin tone, medium light skin tone, or dark skin tone etc. ) and they can use all these emoji in their own skin tone to make the conversation really their own.

🎵Music Note Emoji

Well for all the music lovers there are music note emoji. These applications Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat, and Instagram, took care of everyone who are using their applications. These music Note emoji are basically denoting song lyrics and also music or other music related topics.

Beamed descending music notes, ascending music notes, musical notes only, musical keyboard, man singer or women singer, postal horn, microphone, music system etc. are all present in small beautiful emoji in almost all these chapping applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram.

💀Skull Emoji

Have you ever been around a high voltage electricity box? What is the sign you saw there? It must be a sign of Skull only. Because skull symbolizes danger and one should stay away from any place where this sign is indicated.

Skull emoji is provided in all these applications for the same purpose and its meaning is also the same here which is Danger!

People use it for serious purposes and for fun as well among friends and people they know. These are used for Danger indication in any situation or towards an event. It is a greyish colored emoji present in all these applications.

😞Sad Face Emoji

In life, like happy moments, there come sad moments too. Similarly, in every conversation, there are chances we get sad about something and that are when sad emoji are needed. The meaning of sad emoji is exactly for to be sad. There are the varied degree of sadness and that is why there are different kind of sad emojis available in all these online chatting applications Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram. Some with sad faces or some with tears coming out of the eyes. But all of them expressing the different degrees of same expression, i.e. sadness. People now, know how and when to use which emoji. People learn it with their experiences.

😘Kiss Emoji

This is like all other emoji indicates the expression of human behavior. Kissing emoji is meant to send a kiss to the person or persons you are talking with. It is an expression of showing love and care towards the other individual.

💰Money Emoji

Whatsapp, Facebook, hike, Snapchat and Instagram all these applications have kissing emoji and is used for the almost same purpose. There are different types of kissing emojis, for example, a face blowing a kiss in form of a small heart or just a kissing face and etc. available in all these applications. The meaning remains the same.

I hope this article on Emoji has proved useful to you and I hope you like it.

Thanks Much.

Stay tuned and keep chatting!