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May also be used to convey enchanting or eerie feelings. May be used in association with star and crescent a popular but unofficial symbol of islam.

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Commonly used during halloween associated with werewolves and friday the 13th.

Moon emojis. A new moon with a smiling face as the man in the moon. A crescent moon as in its waxing crescentphase. This full moon.

Unlike the cartoon like new moon face emoji this one is quite realistic especially in the apple s version but in some cases it looks more like a simple black circle. Nowadays you can see it on flags of turkey algeria pakistan turkmenistan maldives malaysia mauritania tunisia and uzbekistan. Used as part of the moon emoji creep meme.

Moon viewing ceremonies called tsukimi in japan are held each year in autumn to celebrate the full moon and waxing moon in japan. See also full moon face. Depicts the moon as a thin golden crescent curving to the right and not displaying the remaining outline of the moon.

New moon emoji is the picture of the earth s only satellite in the state when it is completely hidden in the shadow cast by the earth itself. And you can type moon text symbols right from your keyboard. Crescent moon symbol is one of main symbols of islamic world and middle east.

Generally depicts the moon as a dark disc with a slightly smiling human face and moon viewing ceremony. May be used to represent the moon more generally nighttime outer space and astronomy. Meaning of full moon emoji full moon emoji is the picture of the state of the moon when the satellite is fully visible from the earth.

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May be used for the moon more generally and saying good night. This moon phase is traditionally associated with magic events some people believe that full moon influences behavior.

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